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Want to know more about our company and our products? Please refer to our frequently asked questions.

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frequently asked questions

Can I try flavours before choosing?

Of course! Our gelato artists are happy to offer you free samples and suggest interesting combinations. At Qwelli, all you have to do is ask!

Can we mix flavours?

Absolutely! In fact, combining two or even three flavours is ideal. The contrast enhances the taste of the gelato. Our artists can design your Qwelli combination according to your preferences and mood.

You can also choose one of our six original combinations: choco rococo, papa razzi, tico tico, sweet suite, big bang and mello yello.

All our combinations are served in a bowl or cone.

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Are takeout formats available?

Bring Qwelli home with our convenient 3 tubs of 475 ml that can hold up to three different flavours. Take this opportunity to impress your family and friends!

our combinations
Where can I purchase your products ?

Our gelato and frozen desserts are available exclusively at our Qwelli stores, located in the Greater Montreal and Quebec City areas. Check out our list of store locations to find the one nearest you.

I would like to buy a Qwelli franchise. Is that possible?

Qwelli is a growing company. We plan opening new counters to allow more people to enjoy the art of gelato.

It is now possible to submit your franchise project. Visit our franchise section for more information.

I have allergies and food intolerances. Are there options for me?

At Qwelli, we believe everyone should be able to enjoy our frozen treats. That’s why we offer a range of lactose-free sorbets!

You should also know that gelato contains 50% less fat than traditional ice cream, which does not prevent it from being super creamy!

Please note that all our products may have been in contact with or contain traces of soy, nuts, peanuts, gluten, sulfites, and eggs.

I am looking for sponsorships for a cause or event. Can you support me?

Qwelli has chosen to make a long-term commitment to Leucan, an organization that helps children with cancer.

Unfortunately, we are unable to accommodate further sponsorship requests.

Why did you change your name and brand image?

The public’s enthusiasm for our products has convinced us to upgrade our brand and provide an even more spectacular experience. We want to showcase the art of gelato and share this pleasure with more and more people.

The inspiration for Qwelli comes from Italy, the homeland of gelato. Our new name evokes the marvel at our sumptuous showcase and many possible combinations. It’s a joyful name that rolls off the tongue like a gourmet delight.

I would like to work for you, how do I apply?

We are always looking for talented candidates to fill positions at our gelato counters and Qwelli factory.

Are you a curious and enthusiastic person who likes to have at work? Send us your CV now!

What is the difference between gelato and ice cream?

The texture of gelato is denser and creamier than regular ice cream, though it contains much less fat.

Gelato is also served at a higher temperature, which allows each flavour to be fully released.

Qwelli’s gelato contains natural ingredients of the highest quality. We avoid using artificial flavours or colours when making them.

Are you a Quebec company?

Qwelli is a Quebec company that was founded in 1987.

All our products are conceptualized, developed and manufactured locally, at our Boisbriand factory, on the North Shore of Montreal. We are proud to be contributeing to the economic growth of our region.

Where do your products' ingredients come from?

All the milk used in making Qwelli's gelato comes from Canadian dairy farmers. After all, that is the base of our product!

However, as gelato is a tradition from afar and other ingredients are needed to prepare it, we are limited in terms of local supply.

What if I have a question that does not appear in the FAQ?

Write to us and we will be happy to answer you!