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creativity knows no bounds

At Qwelli, we are constantly renewing the art of gelato to amaze our customers with each visit. We strive to surprise our customers and lead them to discover new flavours and unique combinations.

Our Roots

where does Qwelli come from?

Our company was founded in 1987. Our key motivation has always been the pleasure that fuels our passion in creating gelato and providing our customers with a delightful Qwelli experience.

Over time, our family business has grown, and so have our expertise and ambitions. Driven by the pride of how far we've come and our popularity with the public, the second-generation entrepreneurs have given themselves the goal of creating wonder with each of our actions.

This is how Qwelli was born, the new brand under which we continue to refine the art of gelato, driven by the vision of sharing this pleasure with more and more people.

Devanture chomedey

Our fundamental values

We are gelato artists

Our values reflect our love of the profession, and our desire to express our talents to bring a touch of wonder into people’s lives.

CREATIVITY is at the heart of our artistic approach. It drives us to constantly innovate in all facets of our business, whether it’s the product, its presentation or our service. It is also what inspires us to showcase the beauty of our products in a spectacular fashion.

We also value CURIOSITY, which feeds our imagination and pushes us to constantly develop our knowledge, to make every effort and to take care of every detail to near perfection.

GENEROSITY is our way of sharing our passion and making our art shine. It is manifested in our display's abundance of colour and textures, as well as how we accompany our customers. Not to mention the generous servings in which flavours come togehter to increase the pleasure tenfold!

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Your Qwelli

the art of combining flavours

Our artists are inspired by your tastes and preferences to design some very unique combinations ! With more than 40 gelato flavours, the options are almost infinite!

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